Shufiyan Shukur
Shufiyan (Shuf) came to web video through and where he provided content. Unfortunately both are now defunct, but he swears he has nothing to do with them closing shop. It was during his time at (2004 to 2005), that the idea of adding video into Malaysiakini’s dimension was first flirted over Mydin’s teh tarek with CEO Premesh Chandran, a former colleague at The Sun. It took over a year before came into existence in October 2006. Shuf joined in November that year.

Before delving into web video, Shuf did some work as journalist with The Leader, The Sun, The Cambodia Times, and online journal that reported on the fledgling Multimedia Super Corridor (at that time).

Indrani Kopal
Indrani Kopal’s role as a fulltime video journalist in has made her realize the importance of using media in a more meaningful approach.

The Kuala Lumpur born producer lands herself as a self-taught independent documentary filmmaker. She had honed her skills while working as a Film and Television Lab Assistant in LimKokWing 10 years ago.

She eventually joined now defunct second pay tv operator MITV in 2004 as a television program producer before moving on to Malaysiakini.

The documentaries that she has produced so far, have its appeal towards the responsible masses. For years Indra and her team have been experimenting with various types of documentaries and videos production and postproduction methodologies — in the industry they are categorised today as cinematic-journalism, poetic reflection of storytelling and photo-essay.

“I actually like the idea behind the fundamentals and techniques of short documentaries or even compelling photographs that are capable of persuading and convincing the viewer to act upon the message in the films that I make,” says Indrani who is also currently completing her Bachelor’s degree at Open University of Malaysia in Multimedia Communication and Broadcast Journalism.

Indra is a recipient of the 2007 Komas Freedom Film Fest Award for her short documentary titled “She’s My Son” and also one of the recipient of Most Outstanding Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) Award 2008.

In July 2010 she participated in the George Washington University 2010 International Emerging Documentary Filmmakers Fellowship.

Maran Perianen
Movies move him but not as much as the opposite sex does. He loathes leaving office early, driving on an empty road, loafing around unproductively and most definitely watching the movie Alien Vs Predator and such like. He loves the jammed roads of Kuala Lumpur, tear gas filled demonstrations, tattoos, travelling and writing, editing, directing, shooting and teaching which he does with a passion for Malaysiakini.